Ranked Game List

There are so many games out there that I need a list of what i want to play next, and review.  Here shall be that list!  I’ll also do it by rankings.


  1. DomiNations (intro done)
  2. Clash Royale (todo)
  3. Clash of Clans (review done)
  4. Star Wars: Commander
  5. Arma Mobile Ops

To Play

  1. VEGA Conflict (intro done)
  2. Empire and Allies (todo)
  3. Forge of Empires
  4. Transformers: Earth Wars
  5. War and Order
  6. Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes
  7. Game of War: Fire Age
  8. Imperia Online
  9. Mobile Strike


  1. Darkzone
  2. Clash of Titans: Chaotic Age


  1. Rival Kingdoms (into and review done)