Mission Statement


The Mobile Couch Potato is a site that aims to deliver news, reviews, gameplay, and articles about mobile PvP strategy games.  Especially ones that can be played while laying on a couch.  I prefer leather, but any will do.  Recliner’s are also acceptable.  Some other goals of the site.

  • KISS.  I want to keep the site simple and fast.  I don’t like a bunch of nonsense on the sites I visit, just give me the information I want.
  • Ads.  No ads, unless I’d be stupid not to do it.  I have a price, but it is pretty high.  So ads are unlikely ever to appear on this site.   Especially flash ads, never.
  • Sponsored Content.  No.
  • Hobby.  It is a hobby site.  I have a job, and a family.  However, it’s 2016 and workflow is crazy simple so I hope to treat it professionally.
  • Poor Writing.  The writing will be poor on this site.  I am a programmer-type, so things like grammar and proper sentence structure are not really my thing.
  • Fun.  Games are supposed to be fun and will be treated as such.  No drama will be posted on this site.

That’s pretty much what this site is all about.  Hope you get something worthwhile out of it!