Rival Kingdoms Update – July 27

Rival Kingdoms released another update (which seems to happen quite frequently).  This one is mostly a balance update for Ancients.  A bunch have seen some improvements, including Emberclaw and Foreveil.  A few others were mentioned and the patch notes go into pretty good details.

They also released their first Mythic Ancient.  Honestly, I don’t know what this means as I don’t even have a Legendary.  Apparently you get Abhorrence by completing a trial.  You have to get your mages up to Legendary.  The new ancient’s skills are hidden, so who knows what she can do.

In my game playing news, I picked up the Alchemists building so I can craft things.  I don’t think I have enough ingredients yet, but it looks cool.  I wish there was a way to filter by stuff I have the materials for.

The patch notes:  http://wiki.rivalkingdomsgame.com/game-updates#toc0