Trying out Star Trek: Timelines

There are so many mobile games, there always seems like something new to try.  Star Trek: Timelines isn’t exactly new, but it is pretty recent.  I’ve always been a big Star Trek fan (mostly TNG and DS9) so I decided to give it a whirl.  What I found was a game that resembled Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes in many ways.

You do missions, get gear, improve your characters, combine characters to advance them further.  The game expects you to repeat missions to get the materials you need.  However, this is really where the comparisons end.  Star Trek: Timelines is so much more than Galaxy of Heroes.

There is a bigger focus on story, I’m not saying it is great, but the missions you go on are story based.  It’s also not all combat.  There is space combat which is ok, but away missions are about solving problems with your characters.  There is no fighting screen.  You want to bring the right characters for the job and their stats will get it done.  Each stage of the way mission continues the mini-story.

There are larger story arcs as well, where you choose sides.  For example, the first one involves the Klingnons and the Augments (Khan).  As the story goes on, you can side with whoever you want and in the end decide who won.  This helps shape your rewards and your universe. It’s pretty neat.  I actually want to do the missions.

The characters are also better.  Star Trek has always been more character focused since it was a TV show.  I am, of course, running with Picard for the most part and other TNG people.  Don’t forget the ships, you can get all sorts of ships from the TNG universe.

So far I am pretty pleased with Timelines and it may make its way into my regular rotation.

  • Kevin Troope

    Cool! Going to give this one a try. I’ve been playing Game of War for over a year and a half. I was very surprised at how friendly the community was in a mobile game. I do sink a little bit of money into the game, averaging a little more than a monthly MMO sub.

    • Nice, yeah, I try to support the games I play. This one might be a keeper. I didn’t really get into Galaxy of Heroes, but to be honest, I’ve always like Trek more 🙂