Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes at SWCE

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes is an interesting mobile game.  The basic idea is you collect and level up all sorts of characters from the Star Wars universe, then use them in battles.  There is certainly no shortage of interesting characters to choose from.  The game was included in the Star Wars game panel along with SWTOR and Battlefront.  I played Galaxy of Heroes a bit, but it really didn’t grab me.  Honestly, the whole aspect of simulating the matches just to get the rewards turns me off.  If it’s not fun to actually play, why bother?  Also, their PvP needs work.

Anyway,  the big news for them out of the panel was that they are going to be introducing a second ‘raid.’  The first is against a Rancor.  Their raid system is neat, as it is still asynchronous like the rest of the game.   Your guild works to take down the boss a little bit at a time for rewards.  The next raid is against a AAT Tank boss, check out the trailer below.

They also made mention of their new mod system, which had to undergo major changes after launch.  It was, apparently, much too powerful.  They used this as an example of responding to player feedback.

Sadly, Star Wars: Commander was no where to be found at SWCE 🙁