Arma Mobile Ops Grows and Holds Tournaments

I’ve been playing Arma Mobile Ops a bit.  Honestly it is one of the less played games on my phone.  So far, nothing has really hooked me about it.  That could be of course due to the lack of time I’ve spent with it.  However, it seems quite a few people are enjoying it as they broke 100k downloads.

They also have monthly tournaments where the top players win resources which I didn’t realize.  I’m curious what they actually won, the article doesn’t specify.  It’s great they they hold this competition though.  However,  I wish they had smaller ones.  I have no chance of competing for the top 3 in the whole game.  I’d love something smaller where I have a chance.  Or more spread out rewards.  Star Wars: Commander has a good system where depending on which percentile you finish in, you get a reward.

I hope to get more time in on Arma Mobile Ops soon!