DomiNations: Tips for World War

The World War system is DomiNations ‘end-game’ activity for Alliances to fight each other.  It takes place on a world map.  Players get 2 attacks, and the side with the most flags won at the end wins.  Simple enough, but it is pretty different that a normal battle in the game.  So here are some things I have learned.

  1.  Help donate defensive troops.  You can do this by visiting the map and looking for + signs.  However, if you are low level, you may want to leave this up to the higher level players.  Be sure to ask what the Alliance policy is.
  2. Attack someone your level first.  If you can 5 flag them, it will be a great help to your side.  Just attacking below you hurts the war effort, as lower level player would have to attack higher.
  3. If you fail (no flags) on your first attack, then you may want to attack lower so you can at least get some spoils from the war.
  4. Keep your War Base updated!
  5. The design of your War Base should be different from your standard base.  There is no pillaging in World War, so no need to protect your resources.  Instead they should be used as a buffer.  The goal on defense is to give up as few flags as possible, that is it.
  6. Go all out.  Have some armies left over from an event?  Bring them to the battle, now is the time to win for your team.  Don’t forget to Request troops before hand, activate your General, and load up on Tactics.
  7. Make use of War Coalitions.  Visit your embassy during the Preparation Day and see what buffs you can acquire.  These trade goods have no other use right now, so use them.
  8. Use both your attacks.  Nothing gets Alliance leaders upset more is wasted attacks.

Hope these help, have fun!