Clash Royale Tournaments: The Good and Bad

Clash Royale released a much request feature, tournaments.  These are not bracket based, but instead a subset of matchmaking.  Those with the highest points win stuff at the end.  It’s neat, I’ll give Supercell that.  So, what do I like about tournaments?

The Good.  You don’t lose trophies while participating.  That means, at the very least, you can use tournaments as a practice mode for a new deck without worry of slipping down arenas.  You also get a separate slot for any tournament chests which you might win.  Plus, gold is still rewarded.

The Bad.  Sadly, this will be longer than the section about good things.  Getting into a tournament is a pain in the butt.  Due to the asynchronous nature of the system, 95% of the time a tournament will be full when you try to get in it.  This leads to a lot of frustration.  It would also be nice if there was some way to filter the list so only new matches show, or matches of a certain length.

Matchmaking is also a downside of the tournament system.  There are no limits really,  I end up playing against people which much better decks.  I think one guy had 3 legendaries to my 0.  So it can be a struggle if you are a newer Level 8 player.  I guess the good side of that coin is you get some practice against cards you haven’t seen before.

I also wish tournaments counted toward your Crown Chest tally.  They currently do not.

Overall, it’s an ok system.  Supercell is in the process of refining it, so I am looking forward to any improvements they may make.  The system has a ton of potential.