Arma Mobile Ops Releases

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The makers of Arma have entered the mobile realm!  Arma is a very popular PC franchise ( FPS ), but can they transition to the mobile realm with an offering that sets itself apart?  We shall see.

Right now it features all of the staples of a kingdom builder like Clash of Clans or Empires and Allies.  The only thing that looks really different is that units gain XP and they survive battles.  The battle system is slightly different, but it is yet to be seen if it makes a difference.

I hope Bohemia does more to separate itself from the competition.  More content for this game to follow!

The war is going mobile, commander, and we need your sharp strategic mind!

Battle the enemy commanders in fast, action-packed multiplayer clashes for air and ground supremacy, or choose to experience a story-driven single player campaign revolving around a fierce fight for freedom.

Win by pulling a perfect combo of strong base defence and intense military raids with leveled-up soldiers and drones. Gather resources, make your base impenetrable and your military power legendary. You are going to need it! “A

Source: Arma Mobile Ops – Android Apps on Google Play