DomiNations: State of the Nations

New update from our friends at Nexon for June!  Turns out the next feature will introduce Great People.  What they do is not known yet.  I’m guessing some kind of bonus.  I would like something more interactive than just bonuses.  However, I am excited about more choices.  That’s what makes DomiNations stand out to me.

The big news from the studio this month is that we are working hard to put the finishing touches on the next release: The Great Leaders. This has a major new feature starting in the Gunpowder Age, which gives you the opportunity to play with some of the Great Leaders from history. We also added more robust Leaderboard rankings for Alliances based on World Wars, so we can truly determine the #1 Alliance in the DomiNations! More on those features in a couple of weeks…

Source: State of the Nations – June – NEXON M Forums