Clash Royale – Tournaments Feature Part 2

Clash Royale has finally come through with the details about their new tournament system!  It sounds pretty cool, although I was surprised about them costing gems to create.  I guess this really is the only way to allow them to offer valuable prizes and prevent abuse.

I am really excited about this feature, rumor has it that we will see it in early July?  Supercell has a really cool development cycle, wonder how they do it.

Every tournament is free to join, but will cost Gems to create – starting small and going all the way up to some big numbers. We’re anticipating varying needs and desires for tournaments, so we wanted to allow for many different sizes to be held. The creation cost becomes the prize pool – in the form of Tournament Chests – the bigger the tournament, the better the prizes!

Source: Tournaments Feature – Part 2 | Clash Royale