Clash Royale Playstyles

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I enjoy Clash Royale quite a bit.  I am, however, not very good at it.  I’m currently in Arena 5 with brief trips into Arena 6.  I don’t blame wallet warriors or anything for my struggles though.  Instead, it comes down to how I play and really my personality.

I’m not an aggressive player, never have been in any sport.  So I tend to be a very reactive player and my deck shows it.  Most of my cards are all about countering a players offense. When I win, it is usually with one tower.  My desk uses things like Arrowsome, Minions, mini Pekka, valk, fire sprites and Spear Goblins.

I think to truly be good at Clash Royale, you need to be more offensive.  That means taking more risks and going for more than just one tower victories.  I need to work on that.