Last Empire-War Z: Bomb Update

Last Empire is an interesting game.  It is part of the Game of War family, but with not nearly as offensive business model.  You can actually play without being overwhelmed by in game ads for this and that.  Plus, it has roaming zombies and a modern theme.  I played it a bit, and plan to come back and give it the proper Mobile Couch Potato treatment.

Source: Last Empire-War Z – Android Apps on Google Play


Brand new Bomb mechanism!
From now on, Bombs will play a much more important role in combat. In future versions, we’re planning to create portable Bombs for attacking armies.
Preset Marching Armies
– Set in advance the proportion of soldiers and officers and switch with a click when marching.
– VIP Lvl 5 required to activate this function.
– Prioritized areas within Alliance territory when using Alliance Teleport.
– Improved the Resource Info Interface.