Clash of Clans: Struggling

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I’ve heard a lot about people rushing up the Town Hall chain in Clash of Clans too much.  Basically, what happens is if you go to fast, your offensive and defensive capabilities will be behind for the level of competition you will face.  It’ll be harder to grow or even stay steady.  Now, thankfully my clan mates made this quite clear, so i have not really rushed.  Still,  I am struggling.

The main issue is that farming with Barbarians and Archers is boring.  That seems to be the primary gameplay right now except during wars.  I want to use different troops, but still have it make economical sense.  Also, I did fall behind on upgrading my Barracks.  This has led to a bottleneck where only one building can make my advanced troops.  It takes a while for me to get a Dragon army built.

So I need to make the game fresh again.  I may start using different army compositions.  I really need to refine my attacks so I can get more than 1 star.  Too much farming has led to that mentality.  We’ll see how it goes.