Too Much Automation is Bad

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Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes is a game I want to like, but just can’t.  I like Star Wars, so it should be a given that I would play the game.  I did for a bit, but eventually just stopped playing.  The main reason is that it just wasn’t fun.  The automation ruined it for me.

In games like Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes and Clash of Lords 2,  once you complete a PvE stage, you can use tickets and other currency to just basically collect the resources from it again, without actually playing.  So,  you advance by skipping over the gameplay.  That says to me the gameplay is tedious.  If the game isn’t actually fun to play, why am I bothering?

I just ended up logging in to get tickets and click some buttons to get resources and character shards.  That turned out to be my extent of playing the game.  Zzzzzzzz.  Compare that to DomiNations or Clash Royale where I am actively engaged.  I much prefer those games.

So the take away is, make your gameplay fun and there will be no need to have people just skip it.