New Gaming Gear

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This weekend I picked up a new toy to play with, in order to enhance my mobile game playing ability.  It was a birthday, Father’s day, good job at work gift.  I picked up a Samsung Galaxy S2 tablet!  Up until this point, all of my mobile game playing has been on my S7 Edge phone.  Figured i’d give a tablet a try, and why not get a high end one?

So far, it is pretty nice.  This isn’t a review, but it has been great with Clash of Clans and DomiNations.  I don’t think I’ll be putting Clash Royale on the tablet though, it is perfect on the phone.  The one thing I didn’t really take into account was that while the screen is bigger, the resolution of the game didn’t really change.  The Tab S2 and S7 both have a nice resolution, but on the tablet, everything is just bigger.  It’s still nice, as I can see some more details, plus it is easier to make out buildings.

I’m hoping the S2 will make a good eReader too, I have a really old Kindle which I like since it isn’t a typical screen.   I also need to get into the groove of using the S2 for video.  Bluetooth headset should arrive today.  We shall see how it goes.  I haven’t had a tablet that stuck before.