DomiNations: War Coalitions

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The developers over at DomiNations put out a diary about one of their newest features, War Coalitions.  This feature is available when you reach the Medieval Age.  I’m currently upgrading to that, so I should experience it soon.  I’ll just have to repair the Embassy, which costs 600k food.  Thankfully, I have that saved up.

It’s an interesting system.  I’m not sure how deep it is, or if it provides any choices though.  Can you get access to ever faction’s bonuses?  Guess I’ll find out soon.  It does provide a lot of flavor though.  And I love historical flavor!

The National Trade Goods are cool too, as they could affect who you want to raid.  That adds an element of choice, and choice is a great thing in games.  Check out the full article at the link below.

We hope everyone is enjoying the newest feature added to DomiNations, War Coalitions! It took a big effort from the team to get them in, and we think they are a great addition to the game. With this month’s spotlight, we’re going to take a deeper look at their development process.

Source: DomiNations