Strike Back : War Game Releases

A new Boom Beach type game appeared on the App Store today, Strike Back: War Game.  Not much about it is really standing out to me from the description.  It feels pretty generic.  I like the modern setting though.  Not that it matters, the game is somehow incompatible with my S7.  Maybe you’ll have better luck 🙂

Strike Back : War Game is an amazing online war simulation and strategy game that challenges you to defeat fierce and cruel terrorists in 2025, sweeping your army across the land as you conquer enemies. Train your soldiers, build an alliance, fight to become the hero of this chaos world!

Explore real world, collect new resources, recruit the strongest army. Then, join an alliance, and vanquish all enemies with friends. With your understanding of tactics and flexible strategy, you can lead your army to glory! Just click with your fingertips and you can conquer the world!

Game Features
☆ Free to play, social strategy game.
☆ You are the commander! Guide your army in real time and real world.
☆ Acquire resources by defeating enemies and claiming their empire as your own
☆ Unlock powerful hi-tech military, build and train a range of elite modern war forces, from tanks to cannons to helicopters.
☆ Collect intelligence on your enemies in this real war, and launch devastating strikes against your opponent’s weak spot!
☆ Use real-time chat to prepare strategic battles against terrorists.
☆ Ally with friends to challenge other commanders in the world, make your alliance the star of the military world.
☆ Fight in huge Monument Wars against powerful alliances around globe, and win wars to restore world order!

Source: Strike Back : War Game – Android Apps on Google Play