Shields and Peace Treaties

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In mobile strategy games such as Clash of Clans and DomiNations, there is this concept of a Shield.  Basically,  it provides a period where your base can not be raided by an enemy.  It’s usually on the order of ~15 hours or so.  It’s a pretty important thing as when you get raided you can lose valuable resources and whatever PvP trophy system the game implements.

It is also games often charge for, if you want it on-demand.  Going on vacation is a popular use of them.  Otherwise, your shield is raised after a successful attack.  Attacks that fail do not raise the shield, which is nice.  I love logging in to find I earned a bunch of trophies over night.  Not that it happens often.

Different games implement this mechanic in different ways.  DomiNations is rather frustrating when it comes to their ‘Peace Treaty.’  It is very simple, you attack, you lose your shield.  This leads to a difficult situation where just doing a single raid is counter-productive, as I will likely be immediately raided when I log out of the game.  I could easily lose more than I gained.  So I only launch attacks when i know I have time to do a bunch, which is counter to the mobile ethos.  It should be noted that later in the game you can build a vault which will protect your resources.

Clash of Clans, on the other hand, has a more forgiving system.  Once your shield is up, each time you attack reduces the timer instead of eliminating it.  This allows me to do an attack, go play with the kids, and come back without having been raided every single time.  Needless to say, I much prefer the Clash of Clans system.

Is this just shortsighted by DomiNations, or an effort to get people to buy their on-demand Peace treaties?  I hope it is the former.  It is pretty much the only thing I dislike about the game.  I wish they would adopt the Clash of Clans method.