Rival Kingdoms 2016: Review

Family:  Clash of Clans

Introduction Video:  http://mobilecouchpotato.com/2016/06/02/rival-kingdoms-2016-introduction/

What is it?

Rival Kingdoms is a base builder with several PvE campaigns, along with the usual PvP trimmings.   You raid enemy bases for rewards.  You also collect hero characters which can be leveled up and have special abilities. It is set in a rich fantasy world too.

What makes it different?

Rival Kingdoms sets itself apart from other games through its graphics, use of Ancients, and Kingdoms.  The graphics in this mobile game are very nice and shiny.  Run very smooth on my S7.  It is the best looking game I have seen to date in this genre.

Ancients are like hero characters, but much more.  There are over 220 to collect.  Each can be leveled up and used in different ways.  Dragons can be deployed on the field of battle.  Non-dragons can take up residence in Spell Towers and use special defensive spells.

Kingdoms are Rival Kingdoms version of Clans.  However, they are much more robust.  There are all sorts of in-game roles which players can be assigned.  Members contribute to growing the guild through donations.  There are also Relic Wars where Kingdoms compete through combat and gold to win one of a limited amount of relics.


  • Great Graphics
  • Wide Variety of Ancients to collect
  • No waiting on troops to build
  • Detailed lore
  • Instant PvP*
  • Events!


  • PvP is lacking at the start.  Most bases offer no challenge, or too much challenge.  You need 5,000 honor to enter The Arena level of PvP, which is a lot.
  • Ancients are not leveled through combat
  • Not much to do after the first campaign.  2nd Campaign is far off, and PvP isn’t very interesting due to matchmaking.
  • Seems to have a slightly aggressive business model, but not too bad.
  • Not many meaningful choices to make, other than which ancient to use.