Rival Kingdoms Relic Chest Rewards

As you can tell from previous posts, Rival Kingdom’s has been played.  One thing that confused me was the Relic Chest.  You get this as a reward for a string of multiplayer wins.  It can contain Ancients, which are the hero characters of the game.  I actually got a Lightning guy (not Rayden) last night.  That I understood, however, in other chests I got things like soldiers and elemental.  What are these?

Turns out, they are what Rival Kingdoms consider Boosts.  You can summon an extra group of soldiers during a battle, for example.  This is a pretty neat way of doing boosts.  Much more of an in-game feel, and they are obtained through gameplay. They come in different rarities too.  Sadly, my lightning elemental’s did not help me defeat the map I was on last night.

So with that question answered, i am enjoying the game even more.  Expect a written review next week sometime.