Review: 2016 Clash of Clans


Wait, you’re reviewing Clash of Clans?  One of the most popular mobile games of all times?  Why MCP, why?

I know.  However, this is a needed post.  Clash of Clans is the gold standard when it comes to the sort of mobile games I enjoy.  So I need to write something about it, right?  You h have to start somewhere, and CoC was the game that got me hooked.  Besides, this is a review of CoC in 2016, that makes it worthy, or something.  Now, my reviews are a bit different.  I don’t like to write, nor read, huge articles.  So we’ll keep this to the point.  I also like bullet points, so there may or may not be a few.  Let’s get started!


Clash of Clans has actually been around since 2012.  As you can see from the above timeline, they map out their major additions.  Some pretty big ones over the years.  Just last week they added Friendly Challenges, which lets you fight your friends (or alts I suppose) without losing anything.  They also seem to be on a monthly update schedule with includes balance changes, new units, and small features.  Always something to look forward to.

Look, the game is great.  You don’t need this review to tell you that.  If you like…

  • Base building
  • Attacking other players bases
  • Whimsical atmosphere
  • Lots of strategies
  • Quick matches
  • Business model that isn’t in your face
  • Quality

Then you’ll probably like it.

Some reasons you might not like it?

  • It’s a long way to the top if you want to Clash of Clans.  Progression is fast up until around Townhall 7.
  • Lots of players are above Townhall 7, and the power difference is noticeable.  Matchmaking is decent though.
  • You can gain an advantage with real money.  I only bought the extra builders.  Giving some money to developers is a GOOD thing.
  • No real choices.  You build and upgrade everything.  No specialization.
  • No events.  Kind of make things feel a little stale.

So yes, Clash of Clans is still awesome in 2016.  I am disappointed in SuperCell though, they really have not tried to push the genre since basically creating it.  Their competitors have a lot of the same features, and are much younger.  Plus, they try to add new twists.  I’d like to see something ambitious from Clash of Clans soon.